Sourcing Scrapers, Blades & Cutter Tools

Do you need help sourcing hard-to-find products?

Companies and individuals often work with us to find the products they need, whether in small quantities or large. We can find almost any tool or product at pricing that is competitive—and if we can’t, we might be able to have it made for you. We have worked with clients to develop brand new tools from ideas into finished and packaged goods, and do it in an easily understood and timely manner. Our own products are manufactured here in the USA and in China, and we have reliable and long-established resources for development of new products.


Small, Medium or Major Manufacturing Company? Work With Miniscraper™

We provide bulk, wholesale, and customized products for Construction, Sign & Graphics, Window Cleaning, Manufacturing & Installation, Safety Supplies, Boat Building, Waterproofing, RV Manufacturing and Construction. We also serve the Aerospace, Aviation, Marine and Medical Industries, and we are resellers of the most popular industry scrapers.

 If you’d like to talk about sourcing, please get in touch with us at or call us at (207) 338-1975 or (800) 545-8956. We answer our own phones and would be happy to talk to you!