Questions, Information and Safety Tips About Razor Blades, Cutters and Scrapers

What can I use plastic razor blades to do?

People use our Safe Scrape plastic razor blades for everything you can ever imagine. Car detailing, repairing building cracks for waterproofing, putting the finishing touches on curtain walls, cleaning your Airstream—the list goes on and on! Let us know how you’ve used our plastic razor blades: we love to hear from our customers.

Is Miniscraper on social media?

Yes, Miniscraper is now on Facebook! Our page offers specials and sales and alerts you to closeouts, so be sure to check us out and please LIKE us. If you have not perused our Facebook page yet,  just click here.

Can I see videos of the products in use?

Yes, you can see most of our tools and variety of other items on our Miniscraper channel on YouTube. (Owner Mike Hurley will probably not win an Academy Awards for his performances. That’s okay, though, because here at Miniscraper, the tools and blades are the stars of the show!)

Can I buy Miniscraper items on Amazon?

Yes, everything we make and/or sell can be found on our Miniscraper store on Amazon. Prices for our products are sometimes higher on Amazon; wholesale, commercial and industrial buyers will get the best deal buying from us directly on this website. Feel free to check out both options before you purchase to see which is the best purchasing option for you. Whether you buy our products from a company we supply, here on our website, on Amazon, or on eBay, know that we appreciate your business.

Here’s the link for the Miniscraper store on Amazon.

Is the Miniscraper brand protected by trademark?

Yes. Miniscraper is a brand name, invention and company protected by US trademark law. In 2019 we began to take active measures to protect our trademark. If you have been using the Miniscraper brand name inadvertently, we appreciate your company ceasing use. If your company would like to continue using the Miniscraper name, please contact us to discuss licensing. Thank you.

Can we brand your products with our private label?

Yes. We offer private branding and private labeling of our products for companies that want their name and brand instead of ours on the product and package. Over the years we have provided tools and blades to companies large and small. We also source tools and products for companies so you can get the packaging, labeling, products. and pricing just the way you want it. If you need assistance with manufacturing, packaging, sourcing, or private labeling, please give us a call at 800-545-8956.

Who handles your customer service?

No matter if you are a big company in need of a thousand items or standing in your own driveway trying to complete a household job, the customer service representatives in our Maine office will happily take the time to make sure you get all the help you need. We’re glad to offer advice and will never rush you. We answer our phones or will call you back if we’re on another line: just dial 1-800-545-8956. We also answer all our emails: write to us at Our goal is to help you do what you do and get you what you need. We look forward to hearing from you.

Does the 2 X have two different thickness blades?

Yes, it’s true: we have found that many customers want a choice of how thick their plastic razor blades should be. So we built a new blade: the 2 X with two edges. One is tough and the other is tougher: you decide which one works best for your task. Use the thicker blade for detailing, cleaning jobs, cooktop surfaces, and more—it will not curl or bend under pressure. Flip it over if you need a slightly softer, gentler blade that is still as durable as any of our other plastic razor blades. CDI Miniscraper is proud of these patented blades. Thanks for using them.

Tell me about your steel razor scraper blades for the Triumph 6” scraper.

We got our start in the scraper business because we once owned a window cleaning company and loved our 6″ Triumph razor scrapers. The Triumph is still the world standard for professional window cleaners and solar film installers. They are really good—but really expensive. We decided to try to make a more affordable, high quality 6″ carbon steel blade.Our 25 pack of 6″ replacement blades fit Triumph, Ettore, and Unger handles, at close to half the price of those blades. We have delivered thousands of our professional pack of 25 replacement blades and our customers are more than satisfied. How do we know? They keep buying them.

Do you make products to remove the “bra” from my motor home?

RVs and mobile homes often have a “bra” designed to protect the vehicle from road debris and add a decorative appearance. Some of these are tied in place, but most are sprayed or applied when the vehicle is new. When new, they can look great! But after a hard life doing what these trailers and vehicles were meant to do, they can peel, fade and/or chip. We hear from RV owners all the time about their painful efforts to remove the bra from their vehicle. Using our plastic razor blades, Miniscrapers, solvents and other tools—plus a lot of elbow grease!—you can liberate your RV from its bra. We are glad to offer advice and links to YouTube videos to help you out, and we’re eager to hear how your bra removal efforts went once you’re done so we can continue to learn from our customers.