Big Job Kit

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Big Job Kit   – Our bestselling scrapers and blades are now offered in one big kit for big or small jobs around the house, garage, RV, on the job or anywhere you need a well-designed scraper and plastic, non-scratching blades. A combination of 5 types of scrapers, including our original Miniscrapers® and EZ-X razor scraper, and 3 types of our Safe Scrape™ blades provide you a multitude of scraping solutions. We included a bottle of Goof Off to help remove adhesive stickers, sticky residue, tree sap and much more. Use this kit to clean stove tops, remove paint from windows, remove stickers/labels/decals, detail autos, boats, RV’s and anywhere non-scratch scraping is important.  Our commercial customers use our scrapers and blades in manufacturing, industrial, and medical fields, and in window manufacturing and curtain wall installations.

Included in the kit:  5 TYPES OF SCRAPERS:   Miniscrapers (4) with plastic blades, yellow and black Ergo scraper, Big Red scraper, EZ-X razor scraper, and 4” wide thin black scraper.  3 TYPES OF BLADES –   3 boxes of 100 Plastic Blades for a total of 300 blades: Delrin standard blades (orange;  sharper stronger Polycarbonate blades (blue); and 2-X Plus Delrin dual edged-two thicknesses blades (yellow).  Plus 1 Bottle Goof Off 4oz. spray bottle