Everything we make or sell can be found in our very busy Miniscraper store at Amazon. Yet, we have to be honest; often our web prices are somewhat higher on Amazon. But even still many of our Miniscraper customers are in a hurry, they have a Prime account, and the check out at Amazon is very fast for registered Amazon buyers. We understand that.

Also, sometimes people just want to test a product with a small order before they buy. So go right ahead and shop us on Amazon. But keep us in mind for direct sales and come on back here. You can write or call us anytime. Our web address is on all our products. Our pricing is different on Amazon and if you are a wholesale, commercial, or industrial buyer you’ll definitely want to start buying directly from here. Amazon is pretty much at retail price levels. Here’s the link for the Miniscraper store on Amazon.

Wherever you buy our products whether from all the companies we supply, here on our website, or on Amazon, or eBay we say thank you. We appreciate your business.