Yes it’s true. We have found that many customers want a choice of how thick their plastic razor blades should be so we built a new blade:  the 2 X with two edges. Yes TWO DIFFERENT THICKNESS BLADES. That was us shouting about it because we are so excited about this blade. Two different thickness blades on ONE blade. One is tough and the other is tougher. You decide which one works best for you. The thicker blade is something people love. Really bangs away on tough jobs and does not curl or bend under pressure. it’s about as delicate as a wrecking ball. Yes it’s a plastic razor blade. Use it for detailing, cleaning jobs, cooktop surfaces, and more. Flip it over if you need a slighly softer gentler blade that is still as tough as any of our other plastic razor blades. CDI Miniscraper is proud of these PATENTED blades. Thanks for using them.