We got our start in the scraper business because we once owned Sun Services Window Cleaning and we l-o-v-e-d our 6″ Triumph razor scrapers. We thought they should be available in every store in the USA. Long story short… that didn’t happen. But we tried and we figured out a lot of good lessons that have served us well.  The Triumph is still the world standard for professional window cleaners and solar film installers. But many years later, and many products manufactured and patented we kept coming back to the Triumph blades. They are really good. But really expensive. Close to 1.00 per blade. We always felt these are good but way too expensive. We decided to make a high quality 6″ carbon steel blade if, if, if… we could make it affordable AND high quality. That’s just what we did. Our 25 pack of 6″ replacement blades fit the Triumph, the Ettore, and the Unger handles. And they are close to half the price of the too too expensive blades. We hit the sweet spot: affordable AND high quality. We have delivered thousands of our professional pack of 25 replacement blades and our customers are more than satisfied. How do we know? They keep buying them. One buyer took 300 packs and told us he’d just saved his company 4000.00 by switching to our blades after they had tested them carefully. If you use Triumph, Ettore, or Unger 6″ blades we urge you to try our blades and save yourself a lot of money.