RV’s or travel trailers, or mobile homes often have a variety of “bras” that are designed to protect the vehicle from road debris or to add a decorative appearance. Some of these are loose and tied in place but most are sprayed or applied when the vehicle is a new shiny object and when they look good they look really good. But after a hard life doing what these trailers and vehicles were meant to do they often look like they were “rode hard and put away wet.” Peeling, faded, chipped: we’ve seen them all.   We hear from RV owners all the time about their painful efforts to remove these. There seems to be no one good way. We supply a variety of our plastic razor blades, miniscrapers, BoJo tools, and a variety of other stuff including solvents but the one thing we do not supply is elbow grease. There are many YouTube videos on how to do this and before you start we suggest that you spend some time watching them. Pressure washers, heat guns, solvents, buffing wheels and lots of our plastic razor blades all help you get the job done. Let us know how your bra removal efforts went.