People use our Safe Scrape plastic razor blades for everything you can ever imagine.

In car detailing, you want the bugs and road tar off your ride and not your clear coat or the paint underneath it.

Building water proofing specialists, (did you know there is such a thing?!) use our blades to clean up their work after they have repaired a thousand tiny cracks in large commercial buildings. Who wants to see caulk or the waterproofing residue on that nice window and door frame in your 30 story building? Nobody.

Speaking of buildings; “curtain wall” manufacturers use our plastic razor blades and all our assorted scrapers including our newly register trademarked miniscraper and all of our other blade holding tools when they are finishing off the curtain walls. Did you know what a “curtain wall” is? We did. Kind of. But once they started ordering our plastic razor blades, EZX scraper, and our Ergo scraper, we learned that curtain walls are how most modern buildings are built. And they scrape them with our Safe Scrape plastic razor blades so that they don’t scratch them. No one wants to deliver or receive a scratched curtain wall.

Airstream trailers use our plastic razor blades to get shmutz off their beautiful trailers and for that we say THANK YOU. That’s just a very few of the uses of our plastic razor blades.